September 24, 2012Fatima

Baptism is the sacrament whereby the Christian community welcomes and begins the initiation of new members. In the water bath of blessed water, the anointing with fragrant chrism, the clothing in new white garments and the reception of the Light of Christ, new members join the life of the Catholic Christian Community. In the renunciation of sin, profession of faith, and promise of a faithful witness to the Christian life, and, with God-parents at their side, parents present their new family member(s) asking that they be formally admitted to the life of the church. Or, perhaps, someone of understanding age presents themselves for membership.

Sacrament of Baptism

This is reason for great joy in the life of the church and in the life of a parish. This calls for a celebration! So the community is called together to welcome and celebrate with new members. Baptism is most properly celebrated at the Sunday Mass when the community can actually be present. This gathering presents the opportunity of a proper welcome and a reminder and celebration of the strength of faith of the community that will henceforth share weekly prayer and Eucharist with these members. For those who are already baptized, it is a powerful renewal of our own baptismal grace and blessing.

Please Contact Our Lady of Fatima Parish Office for more information or to schedule a Baptism.