New Parishioner

September 22, 2012Fatima

Dear Parishioner,

Welcome to Our Lady of Fatima Parish, we pray that your presence here in our community will be long and happy.
We also pray that your spiritual life continue to grow as you come to know yourself in workship, education and service.

We invite all new parishioners to register with our Parish.

Why Should I Register with Our Lady of Fatima Parish?

Registering as a parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima Parish offers you and your family members a number of benefits, such as:

  • You will get an official income tax receipt for all of your financial donations to the Parish.
  • You will receive a box of numbered envelopes for your financial contributions to the Parish.
  • You will receive free The New Freeman, a weekly newspaper published by the Catholic Diocese of Saint John.
  • You become an official member of a dynamic and vibrant faith community.

What is expected of me as a registered parishioner?

There are no set obligations on you as a registered parishioner of this parish. However, this parish can only continue to exist because of the many registered parishioners who give so generously of their Time, Talent and Treasure.

Each registered parishioner is asked to prayerfully consider what of their Time, Talent and Treasure resources they are willing and able to offer to their Parish.

How Can I get Involved?

Registered parishioners are needed to serve as lay ministers in all aspects of the faith life of this Parish. If you would like to serve in some aspect of the life of this Parish, but are not sure how to do so, please Contact Our Lady of Fatima Parish Office for more information.

Of course your prayers in support of the programs, activities and members of this faith community are always needed.

How do I register?

Please complete all of the information requested on this Parishioner Registration Form, and submit it or if you prefer request a registration sheet at the parish and drop it into the collection basket at any mass or return it to the parish office during office hours during the week or the weekend.